Sex is not all about Gender. It is about what makes you feel love and feels great

No matter how much society progresses, the rules of the social atmosphere are mostly governed by the males. The patriarchy still rules society. Earlier this was very extensive but now with the passage of time this has decreased. Women are being given importance in today’s society to an extent. They are given freedom and liberty like the males nowadays. However the society still needs to uplift its ideology related to the other genders and their relations, like transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexuals and the queer.

People in society still consider that only two types of gender exist in society, that is, the males and females. The existence of other gender types normally in society is something which is very uncommon.

This article tells how sex is different from gender, and how sex is not all about determining gender and gender roles, rather it is about what makes you feel love and …

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