How to Party Safe at Music Festivals

Many think of music festivals as lairs of all things dangerous — alcohol, drugs, unsafe sex, etc. But that doesn’t always need to be the case. There are some safety measures you can take to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to keep in mind when going to one of these events. Don’t worry — you’ll be as safe as you can possibly be!

Stay Cool and Hydrated

When going to a festival, not a lot of people think about hydrating themselves. All they think about is drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and partying hard. That’s perfectly fine too, but taking care of yourself in a correct way should be imperative. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll find people sharing free water bottles at festivals. That’s why it’s best to bring your own and bring as much as you can. Drinking lots of water is essential, especially when you’re planning to drink a lot. Your friends might not be around at all times, which is why you need to take care of yourself first. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of overheating. If you’re outside in the sun, try to find some shade. You can also wear breathable clothing and invest in a portable mini fan. Those things are real life-savers. See these unusual dehydration signs for you to know.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks has the possibility of triggering FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in all of us. How can you possibly take a step back when your favorite artist might perform your favorite song? Again, think about your safety.

If you find yourself feeling unwell, take a step out of the venue or out of the crowd, and just relax for a bit. Drink some water or even eat some food if necessary. Also, has nobody ever heard of bathroom breaks? If people can have them in busy workplaces, you can take one at a music festival. 

All of the noise can impact you negatively as well. Some people just don’t react well to loudness. Why are they at a music festival then? You’re allowed to have fun too. Still, whatever the reasoning may be, let yourself take a breather every now and again. You’ll thank us later.

Practice Safe Sex

If you think it’s impossible to meet someone you’ll want to hook up with here, think again. These are the perfect places to have casual sex. You can even make some of your outside sex fantasies come true. Everyone will be too busy doing something else to catch you in the act anyway. 

But being safe from other people’s stares isn’t the only safety measure you need to take. Having safe sex is always a must, which is the case this time too. No matter your gender, bring condoms. Yes, even if you’re not planning to have sex there in the first place. You never know who you’re going to meet and what might happen. 

You should be safe even when it comes to oral sex. Asking your sex partner if they have anything going on down there won’t kill the mood. If anything, it might save you both the potential harm that can come from being unsafe.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Here are some more music festival safety tips, just a different kind. Yes, we’re really telling you that you need to be ready for just about anything. Maybe you won’t find yourself in immediate danger, but someone else might. It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend or a stranger — you’ll be ready to help.

Always consider bringing some bandages, gauze, and potentially some medication. You might get sick or have a headache, so you’ll need something to take care of that for you. Not to mention, falling down and injuring yourself is all too possible in big crowds. Being able to take care of your injuries until real help arrives can sometimes save your life. 

So, don’t think of bringing a first aid kit as being overly paranoid. You’re simply trying to be ready for whatever life throws at you. People are right to say that it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Learn Your Way Around

Whether you’re going to a single venue or an open space, you need a map of the place. Learning your way around while you’re there sounds like a good idea too, doesn’t it? That’s only true until you’re looking for something and you can’t find it. 

We’re not saying you need to bring a map with you (but you could and should). You can study the place at home. Yes, exactly like a spy looking at a blueprint of a building so they can sneak in. Except you’ve paid for your entrance, and you just want to know your way around. 

There will probably be a lot of signs pointing you in the directions you want to go. Still, knowing the venue before you arrive neither hurts nor takes up a lot of your time. Plus, you’ll probably be able to help some other people who didn’t listen to our advice.

Keep Your Friends Close

If you’re a man, it’s time for you to find out why women go to bathrooms together. Well, for plenty of different reasons, but one of them is safety. 

In case you’re going with a large friend group, it might be impossible to stick together at all times. That’s especially the case in big crowds. So, the perfect solution is to form a buddy system. The group should split up, and each person should have a friend with them at all times. 

Plus, if you get lost, you can designate a meeting point or a way to communicate with each other. That’s the case if you find yourself in danger too. And if you’re going alone? Make sure you meet plenty of people as soon as you arrive. That’s how you’ll be sure that someone will be there if anything happens, and you’ll have a person you can go to at any time.

Keep a Safe Distance From Big Speakers

This one should really be a no-brainer, but don’t stand anywhere near these giants. Being close to the stage is every fan’s dream. However, that shouldn’t cost you your hearing. 

Loud noises can not only rob you of your hearing for a while but also cause a massive headache. The kind of headache that won’t go away after a short nap. See, that is why it pays off to bring a first aid kit with some medications for a possible headache!

If you simply cannot resist standing too close, we have a solution for that too. Don’t forget to bring a pair of earplugs. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to hear your favorite artist perfectly because that’s how powerful big speakers are.


Music festival safety protocols aren’t complicated. Just think of regular things that keep you safe. Those include condoms for safe sexual activity, bandages for any possible injuries, friends to fight off any stranger danger in big crowds, etc. These kinds of safety measures only take a bit of thought and planning but make a world of difference.