Our Members

Meet our amazing team members who put a lot of effort to give you the latest thebig4festival updates.

Alexander Veen, 30 yrs old
Editor/Former DJ

The brain of thebig4festival. He difinitely knows how to have fun. The team relies on his critical decision skills to cater to party animals of our community.

Nelvan Valdez, 28 yrs old
Owner, Club Paradise

As someone who runs his own club, you can never go wrong with his insights regarding the latest party trends. He knows the crowd and how to spoil them. You will often see her handing some jello shots at Club Paradise.

Janice Esteban, 25 yrs old
Creative Director

Janice is oozing with creativity. She never runs out of ideas on how to make the festival colors pop. The team is always inspired by her inputs and oversees every detail of this website and the festival itself.

Tommy Warrington, 28 yrs old
Head of Marketing

He knows the market because he is the market. He said the great thing about his job is that he gets to party while being an insider observing the crowd who eventually becomes the target of his marketing efforts.

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