Music festival sex: A study

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have sex at a music festival? It sure is, but how do you go about it? Let’s talk about music estival sex. We’ll cover the possible positions, locations, and which festivals you can try all of this at. Let’s get the party started!

Music festival sex: Weird but not rare

When attending a festival, not a lot of people would expect to have sex. Especially not in risky places that festivals provide. On the other hand, some people visit these events just so they could have public sex. It’s different strokes for different folks. 

With that in mind, having sex at music festivals isn’t as unusual as you might think. We don’t blame people who do it, either. You’re there to party, meet new people, and have a good time. Sprinkle a little bit of alcohol into the mix, and suddenly you’re a whole lot braver than you ever hoped to be.

Actually, having public sex in events like this is barely an inconvenience at all. There are actually plenty of places to do it and plenty of fish in the sea. All you need to do is find someone who’s as courageous as you are. Finding a good place for sex isn’t that difficult at all, and you’ll realize that later on when we talk more about it. For now, let’s talk about the most popular festivals to have sex at.

Top 10 music festivals for sex

So, let’s talk about the top 10 music festivals to have sex at and why are they on our list:

  • Electric Forest — A four-day festival happening in Michigan. Yes, it’s in a forest indeed. Lots of trees, people, lights, and music make this festival the perfect event to have public sex.
  • Bonnaroo — You can find this one in Tennessee. This is a perfect festival for sex because of its huge campground culture. Cars and RV’s all around, so there’s plenty of space for intimacy.
  • Burning Man — Held in the western United States, this festival is perfect for casual sex as it’s happening in the middle of nowhere.
  • Ultra — Casual sex is something that just has to happen whenever you go to Miami. It’s just the place to do it.
  • EDC — Taking place in Vegas and Orlando, this festival is crowded, filled with special effects, and the perfect place for a quickie.
  • Coachella — There’s no way your sex can get hotter than if you were to have it in a festival in the middle of a desert.
  • Austin City Limits — Since the ACL festival is happening in Zilker Park, you can do all kinds of things hidden by a tree.
  • Okeechobee — We’re finally talking about a Florida beach festival, and we think we don’t even have to explain the kind of sex you can have there.
  • SXSW – Since the SXSW festival is happening in the city and involves more than music and concerts, people aren’t likely to have sex while attending. Unless they’re that adventurous.
  • iHeartRadio — This festival is held in a concert arena, so having sex would be an inconvenience if you’re not creative. 

Top 10 music festivals for oral sex

According to the survey done on people who have had sex at festivals, let’s rank the ones we spoke about above. In doing so, we’ll answer the question of which festivals are the most oral-sex friendly. They are as follows:

  • Burning Man
  • Electric Forest
  • EDC
  • Ultra
  • Coachella
  • Bonnaroo
  • Austin City Limits
  • SXSW
  • Vans Warped Tour
  • iHeartRadio

Burning Man seems to be one of the most sex-friendly festivals, whether it’s regular or oral sex. You’d think that having oral sex just about anywhere is easy enough, but apparently not — just ask the iHeartRadio festival-goers. Not all of these events have places where you can just go at it. Plus, getting into certain positions isn’t as easy as many think. 

Top locations for music festival sex

When it comes to locations for sex at music festivals, you have plenty of options. It all depends on how ballsy you’re feeling that day. So, let’s talk about possible sex locations so that next time you go, you won’t have to think much about it. Yes, you can thank us later. 

Many of these festivals last for several days. That means that their attendees come in their RVs or cars and stay in tents. All of these could be incredible places to have sex. Between the car and RV, the latter might provide more comfort. However, you can’t always pick and choose what your potential fuck buddy is going to have available. 

If you’re the brave kind, you can have sex in dance tents, backstage, and even in the middle of a crowd. This is the high-risk, high-reward kind of sex because the chances of you getting caught are pretty high. 

Lastly, if you desperately want to get laid and you don’t have anywhere else to do it, hide in a port-a-potty. It’s disgusting, we know, but sometimes you just have to go.

Favorite music festival sex positions

Finally, let’s talk about positions. There’s not a lot you can do considering the places you can have sex at. So, some of these positions might be obvious. Still, we’ll talk about them to give inspiration to those who want to try something new. 

The most popular music festival sex positions are by far doggy and standing up. These two allow you to go unnoticed in crowds. Well, usually, at least. Other than that, they’re perfect for a quickie, no matter where you’re doing it. 

Those less popular are cowgirl, 69, spooning, and missionary. Take all of these with a grain of salt. What doesn’t work for one person might just work for you, so we suggest you try your favorites out until you find what you like.


Having sex at a music festival isn’t only possible but can be quite fun too. All you need is an adventurous partner, and the rest you can figure out on the go. Be careful not to get caught because not all security is going to be understanding.