Try These Gay Zoom Party Ideas

How do you have fun and celebrate gay pride at a time like this? Well, it’s easier than you think! Throwing a virtual party is becoming increasingly popular these days. So, why not try it yourself? Here are some of our best ideas that will ensure your party is a success.

Virtual Drag Queen Performance

We all know that life can be a real drag sometimes, but there are still ways for us to have fun. Now that we’re stuck at our homes, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a successful party, especially if we have a drag queen entertaining us. 

If you’ve ever been to a drag queen show, you know how it all goes down. There’s music, dancing, sometimes even comedy. It all depends on the kind of show you want to watch. For this special occasion, you have two options. You can either hire a professional drag queen or dress in drag yourself to entertain your guests! 

Not only that, but both you and your guests can all dress in drag and organize a show. Who says that zoom parties are boring?! Not when you have drag queens spicing it up. 

Talent Show Competitions

If you and your fellow queers are feeling competitive, it’s time for a talent show. Let’s be real here — we all know how talented people in the LGBT community are. So, why not show it off? The more people you have competing, the better. 

Should your talent show be just about singing or dancing? Of course not! You can organize it however you want. Still, it’s best if no talents are off-limits. That’s how you ensure you include everyone, which is what every LGBTQ virtual party should be about — inclusivity. 

No party is complete without a prize. The winner can get whatever everyone agrees on: money, gift cards, favors — you name it! Still, your talent show doesn’t need to be that elaborate. You can simply put it together and make sure everyone has fun. Laughing with friends is definitely better than any prize you could possibly get.

LGBTQ Movie Marathon

What’s a gay party without some gay movies? There’s a movie junkie in every friend group, so they should definitely be the ones organizing this event. However, there might not be enough quality movies about the LGBTQ community to begin with. So, we think that any LGBT-friendly movies should be included as well.

This kind of zoom party requires a bit of pre-planning and talking to your attendees. Why? Well, not everyone likes the same movie genre. Some gay people don’t like gay movies at all. We understand because some of them are very cringe and stereotypical. So, you want to ensure that everyone has the same amount of fun. 

Let your people know what you’re doing for this party in advance. Just so they could stock up on their favorite snacks and drinks, you know. No movie marathon is complete without tons of popcorn, and neither is this one.

Fund Raising Event For an LGBTQ Charity

All of these party ideas go hand in hand with a fundraiser. You can set it up however you wish, but let’s take a talent show, for example. Here’s how it could work. 

Firstly, each of the participants should pay a small fee. We’re not talking about large amounts of money — $5 or $10 will be just enough. So, in this case, it really is the more, the merrier. Once your participants pay, they’re all set.

You can also have a voting mechanism that works the same way that actual voting does. People pay a few bucks to cast a vote for their favorite performer. At the very end, the winner can decide which charity the money will go to. We definitely see something like this becoming a tradition in many LGBTQ friend groups.

Virtual Lunch or Dinner

Do you miss having dinner parties with your friends? Who says that’s no longer possible? With virtual events on the rise, you can definitely come up with something as a replacement. 

Having food and gossiping is our favorite activity to pass the time too. However, you can make this into way more than just that. If this is going to be a recurring thing, once again, you have options. Every time you host a lunch/dinner party, it can have a different theme. 

Mexican, Italian, Asian — whatever food your heart desires! Just ensure that everyone is on board first. You can even do some fancy decorating, and there you have it — a group mukbang. To make this kind of event even more fun, you can also cook the food of choice before you eat it. That is where knowing how to cook will really pay off.

Home Spa Sesh

What we all need right now is a glorious trip to a spa. It’s really a home to all of the relaxation and stress-relief in the world. Sadly, the pandemic made sure that going to a spa seems like a distant dream now. Still, there are some things we can do at home. Plus, we can do them with our friends as well. 

If you love food and gossip as we do, how about switching it up to face masks and gossip? That sounds so good right about now. Not only that, but you can share your skincare routines and finds with each other. At least you all will come out of it with good skin. 

Face masks, skincare routines, deep conditioning, massages — do whatever your heart desires. Play some zen music and enjoy your relaxing time with friends.

Virtual Stripper Show

Now, if all else fails, and you’re trying to get your freak on — hiring a virtual stripper is your best bet, especially if you’re a frequent guest at strip clubs or similar establishments. 

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good view, so why not give your guests a real show? We’re sure that there are plenty of strippers, both male and female, just waiting to put on a good show. 

Maybe you never went to a strip club, and you want to experience at least some of it. This is the perfect chance to do so. If you worry about being embarrassed, you can always switch your camera off, and nobody will know that you’re cringing by yourself.


Social distancing might be in place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your friends and family by watching a flick or playing games. Gay parties are very entertaining in real life, so you know they will be virtually as well thanks to video calling platforms such as Google Hangouts and Zoom. We hope you’ll try some of these ideas out because we know we definitely will.