Why You Should Not Be Scared of Using Metal Butt Plugs

There are so many companies creating metal toys, and for some, they seem too scary. But metal toys like butt plugs are often the better option, and they can be even more user-friendly than their counterparts. 

If you ever saw a metal butt plug, there is a chance that you were intimidated by its look. And that’s normal. Metal toys can be a lot less forgiving than silicone ones. If we talk about larger models, they are definitely not for inexperienced people since they are not rigid at all. When buying sex toys, some people check firmness as well, and here, you will have none at all. 

But metal toys can be great, especially plugs. Since they aren’t going so deep in your bum, you won’t have to worry about limited movement and whatnot. Of course, most anal plugs come with a flared base. That will allow you to insert it into your anus easily. 

One of the main qualities of metal toys is that they are easier to clean. Taking care of your hygiene is probably the most important aspect of your sex life. With metal plugs, you won’t have to worry about different lubricants and ways to clean them. In fact, you can even boil them!

Similarities Between Metal Butt Plugs and Other Types

If you get around your fear of metal toys, you might notice that they are rather similar to other types. While some silicone toys can be soft, others can be hard as a rock, which makes them nearly identical to metal ones.  They both serve the same purpose, after all. 

Of course, metal toys are smooth and shiny, and inserting a butt plug made of metal is easier than you can imagine. With silicone toys, you need to worry about using a proper lubricant because they are incompatible with silicone-based lubes. Metal ones, on the other hand, can be used with any lube.

Companies often use silicone steel, aluminum, or even titanium, and these are all body-safe materials that you will enjoy. One of the most popular types of metal anal toys is jewel or princess butt plug. These look identical to any other type of plugs with a single difference. Namely, there is a jewel or gemstone inserted into the base of the toy. A precious stone will make you feel like a princess (or prince). 

Some companies create toys designed for pet play and other types of roleplay, and you can find metal tail butt plugs as well. 

Metal Butt Plug Sizes

As with any other type of toy, you will get to pick a size. If you are inexperienced in anal sex, the best course of action would be to start slow. That way, you can get used to the feeling of wearing a butt plug, and over time, you can increase the size and find something that you’ll enjoy even more. So, if you are a beginner, start with the smallest possible size. 

Usually, metal butt plugs are between 2.5 inches and 4 inches long. Needless to say, the size can significantly vary based on the shape and design of the model. Since many beginners go for something softer, you might have a challenging time finding something smaller than 2.5 inches. 

The second important dimension is width, and metal plugs are usually between one and two inches.

The Weight of Metal Butt Plugs

One of the areas where metal toys shine is weight. As you can probably expect, these toys are a bit heavier than others using different materials. In fact, so many people enjoy the feeling of the toy precisely because of its weight. Since stainless steel is the most common material used for sex toys, it’s not rare to see a toy that’s over five ounces heavy. 

Commonly, plugs are in the range of 2 oz to 12 oz, which makes it obvious why many opt for these models. Of course, the 12 oz one is for people who already have a lot of experience with anal play, and it is one of the larger models. 

For example, the large princess plug is in the mid-weight range, and it is around 6 oz. 

Temperature Play Using Metal Butt Plugs

So, why do people buy metal toys? They are easy to clean, they are durable and won’t get damaged if you drop them, and they are excellent for temperature play. If you have no idea what temperature play is, it is a way to use different temperatures to stimulate various erogenous zones. You probably have seen a movie where a couple is playing with ice cubes or hot wax.

Since metal is so good at retaining temperature, you can easily cool it or heat it before you start using it. The easiest way to do it is to run it in hot or cold water for a while until it changes its temperature. You can also submerge it into the bowl of icy water, to ensure that the temperature has changed. Of course, before putting that toy anywhere, be sure to check if it isn’t too extreme to avoid hurting yourself. 


Metal toys are fun! Even if they are not as soft as silicone, they can offer so many different ways to use them. Whether you are into temperature play, jewelry, or are looking for something firm and wild, metal plugs might be a perfect choice. But that is not all — they are compatible with any lubricant, but they are so easy to clean and maintain. It might seem scary at the beginning, but there is only one way to find out why so many people love using metal toys. If you think you are ready for a metal butt plug, perhaps you can start by browsing some of these online. you can admire these bad boys at LovePlugs, and order one, or two, so you can start the fun.