How do metal and steel plugs provide a different sensation?

Butt plugs are available in a wide variety of materials. Silicone is really popular here given its smooth and comfy feel. But, if you want more of a powerful sensation, you would have to vouch for metal and steel plugs. They are solid, thick and reward you with amazing fullness at the backdoor. If you are craving for some real action at the backdoor and aren’t apprehensive of trying something hardy, metal and stainless steel butt plugs would be the thing for you. The post below shares a brief on how metal and steel plugs offer a different sensation than other butt plugs.

More weight and solid fullness

Butt plugs made of metal or stainless steel are very dense. They have a solid girth which assures the desired wholesome fullness you crave for at the backdoor. In fact, with a metal or steel toy, you don’t always need a large plug to savor the fullness. Given the thickness and weight of the material, even a small plug would do to delight you with powerful fullness. Silicone plugs are no doubt extremely comfortable but they don’t have that toughness of a metal or stainless steel plug. The “heavier” feel plays a great role in enhancing your quotient of stimulation. No wonder, once one gets used to stainless steel or metal butt plugs, she can’t think of anything else.

Heavier toys are especially great when you have vaginal sex with them inside. While worn during intercourse, heavier toys tend to bounce that leads to an extremely powerful stimulation.

Great firmness

As stainless steel and metal toys are solid and dense, they are usually firmer than regular silicone plugs. It’s the firmness quotient that allows these plugs to be exact with pressure on G-spot or prostate which eventually leads to euphoric orgasms.

Excellent temperature play

This is something really special about metal or stainless steel plugs.

Temperature play is really sexy. We have neuro-receptors underneath the skin. When you apply cold or heat to the skin, these receptors get activated, creating a powerful and intense response. It leads to immediate arousal, sweeping you to the seventh heaven of ecstasy. Temperature plays are not really something new. Rather they are an age-old practice. In modern times, metal and stainless steel butt plugs enable you to savor the pleasure of temperature play yet without the drawbacks of traditional temperature play methods.

But why are metal and stainless steel plugs chosen for temperature play? Well, it’s because these toys are able to withstand extreme temperature conditions which make them perfect for temperature play. You can dip a metal/stainless steel toy in warm water and then insert it inside the anus to awaken your anal nerves with sizzling warmth. You can also dip the toy in ice-cold water to titillate your anal nerves with strong chill that will eventually lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Here are some reasons why modern metal and stainless steel plugs are better for temperature play compared to traditional methods:

No mess

Previously temperature play was done with hot wax or ice cubes. Now, both wax and ice tend to drip, creating a mess all over. But, with a metal or stainless steel butt plug, you won’t have to worry about all such nuisance.

No preparation needed


Whether you want to use hot wax or ice cubes, you have to have them handy with you when you wish to indulge in temperature play sessions. You need more preparation if you want a cold play with ice cubes for obvious reasons. It means, if you have a sudden urge to enjoy temperature play, it could be a problem. You don’t always have candles or ice handy with you.

But you won’t have such woes with metal or stainless steel butt plugs. All you would need here is your butt plug and  hot or cold water which is always available.

Internal stimulation

With ice cubes or wax, you can only enjoy temperature play externally- say on your nipples or navels or bum and so on. But, you can’t use them internally. You certainly can’t think of shoving an ice cube inside your anus. The bottomline is, with wax or ice, you can’t enjoy the fun internally.

But, metal and stainless steel butt plugs have changed the game for better today. These toys are specifically designed to be inserted into the anus. Thus, you can always count on these plugs for an excellent temperature play internally. The arousal quotient would be more when you are stimulated internally rather than externally.

Independent use

When it comes to ice cubes or hot wax, you will always need a partner to perform the temperature play on you. What if you don’t have a partner at the moment and you are craving for an exciting temperature fun? Well, in that case, you would have to wait till your partner gets back to you.

But, you can keep all such worries at bay when you have metal or stainless steel butt plugs. They can be inserted independently and you won’t have to wait for your partner here. Now, obviously, it always gives a different “high” when you have your partner doing it on you. But, with butt plugs, at least you don’t have to deprive yourself of temperature play when you don’t have your partner with you.

Final words

We will wind up with some tips on using metal and stainless steel plugs.

As mentioned previously, these plugs are solid and tough. So, a metal or steel plug should not be your first pick if you haven’t used a butt plug before. You should always start your anal toy journey with a silicone plug. Once your body gets accustomed to the concept of butt plug, you may gradually move to a harder option like a metal or stainless steel plug. Then, you should always use good amount of lube while using a metal or steel butt plug. Spread the lube generously both on the toy and your anal passage for a frictionless entry and painless stimulation.

If you think you are ready for a metal butt plug, perhaps you can start by browsing some of these online. you can admire these bad boys at LovePlugs, and order one, or two, so you can start the fun.

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