How EDM raves have adjusted to the “new normal”

Nothing is the same anymore, and neither is partying. Still, that doesn’t mean we cannot party at all. Drive-in raves are a thing now, just like drive-in movie theaters are. You shouldn’t dismiss them until you try them, so let’s talk more about why they’re great.

Drive-in raves

People really do have to get creative with parties nowadays. Ever since the pandemic started, people began feeling lovely and isolated. It’s only natural since we can’t see each other the same way we used to. That also means that we cannot go to parties. Partying is a big part of some people’s lives, so we understand the need to want to break the rules. Sadly, that isn’t something you should be doing right now for everyone’s safety. 

Thankfully, some creative people came up with the idea of drive-in raves and parties. What does that mean? It works the same way a drive-in movie theater does. You come in with your vehicle, pick a spot, and enjoy the show. Yes, all from the comfort of your car. 

You can’t really go out and create a crowd like they usually exist in concerts. However, we assure you that this way of partying is just as fun as the ’old way.’ You can do whatever you want inside of your car — drink, eat, and even dance a little bit. So, these kinds of raves aren’t as bad as people might think. Besides, they’re the only ones we have right now since our options are limited.

Distance dancing

Luckily, some raves and/or events allow you to exit your vehicle but stay beside them. That is great if you actually want to get up and dance. If dancing isn’t your thing, you can still stretch your legs, smoke a cigarette, find a toilet if you need one, etc. Of course, you are not to engage with other rave-goes, no matter what. 

It’s important to stay as safe as possible, even when we give ourselves permission to attend events like these. You’re still in an open space with a lot of people, but you’re not next to each other. Plus, if you’re wearing masks (as you should), you’ll be bringing the chances of catching the virus down significantly. 

At these parties, it’s easy to get carried away, forget about the rules, and let loose. That’s especially the case if you’ve had one too many. That’s why you should always have a sober friend that will keep others in check. Partying should be a fun experience and never one that could potentially cost you your life.

This also means that you need to find creative ways to get someone’s number at a party. Good luck!

Better than nothing

Even though it’s totally different than usual raves, EDM parties during a pandemic can be good for you, as long as you’re staying safe. You might ask yourself why anyone would go to a party like this? You can’t interact with others, you can’t act silly while drunk, and you can’t have fun with others. So, what’s the point? We’re glad you’ve asked. 

These parties are a great way to get out of the house. Staying inside for long periods of time might seem like a dream for some people, but it certainly gets increasingly difficult. Loneliness and isolation start affecting your mental health, especially if you’re an outgoing person. So, while you might not think that these events have a point — they can be good for you. 

Going to a party like this doesn’t mean that you need to try to do everything you would normally do. Instead, try sitting back, relaxing, and having some fun surrounded by people at last. Wearing a mask at events like these can also be a fashion statement. Plus, you’re ensuring that you and everyone around you are as safe as they can be.

Sweet spots for drive-in raves

We’ll keep this very simple because there aren’t any areas where you can attend a rave, other than the ones we’ll talk about. Almost all areas have a drive-in theatre. If your city has one, that’s probably where a rave would be organized. 

In general, you want to be looking for and around vast open areas. Those that will have enough space to accommodate a stage and spots for countless vehicles. Plus, don’t forget the areas around the vehicles where people can get out and get some fresh air. 

On the other hand, a drive-in rave can be held on someone’s farmland, but we’re talking about mini raves that you can organize for friends. Some of the other examples of great drive-in rave locations are the Ventura County Fairgrounds, as well as Nova’s Ark Project in New York. 


Going to a drive-in rave isn’t as bad as you might think. You can still have fun, have a couple of drinks, and see some of your favorite people and artists. All you need to do is follow the social distancing measures and stay safe while enjoying the EDM party pandemic!