Things We Miss About Going to Music Festivals

This year has been a tough one. So many things have happened, and not all of them are good. One of the things that have affected the entire planet is the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are forced to stay in our homes. The best course of action is to avoid contact with other people, which is the only way to save them and ourselves from this virus.

While there are many things that we miss from the time before the pandemic, so many people wish they could go back to music festivals. Have you ever wondered what you miss the most about them? Well, here is a nostalgic list that may help you decide.

That High Feeling When You Sing Along With the Crowd

Probably the first thing that everyone misses is the feeling of high when the crowd starts singing. It doesn’t matter what kind of festival you’re at — there is always a time when everyone in the audience goes crazy and starts singing their hearts out.

It is always one of the highlights of the show when a band plays a fan-favorite song, and everyone starts singing together. Even if you are not a fan of music that involves a band, there is always a moment during a DJ’s performance when the music stops, and it turns into a euphoric acapella of the crowd.

Everyone misses the feeling of community and sharing the same goal in the crowd — enjoying the performance and having a great time.

The Outfits or Costumes

The next thing we all miss due to the current situation is wearing costumes. Now, we aren’t talking about Halloween-like costumes, but things you can only see at music festivals. Among the things you can see are queer people being queer, shirtless men going through the crowd, and people wearing various headgear.

Each gives a unique feeling that only complements live music people can enjoy during the show. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few music festivals (if any) during this year thanks to the pandemic, and we all hope that things will change soon.

We can’t wait to go back into the crowd and enjoy listening to music while being surrounded by like-minded people and admiring different outfits and costumes.

The Strobe Lights and Fireworks

One of the things that people often associate with live performances is the special effects musicians use to improve their show. There is a reason why people call it a show, and if you have ever visited one, you probably remember lasers, strobe lights, and fireworks. For years now, light effects have been inseparable from music performances, and we miss them.

It’s not the same without these effects, especially when it’s near the end of the show, and the performer goes “all in” with the visuals. Everyone knows that music is the most important aspect of the performance, but artists still try to make it even more grandiose and spectacular.

Bands like Rammstein and Pink Floyd are known for their spectacular, unforgettable shows with amazing effects.

The Crazy Drop

Every musician plans a setlist for their show carefully. Naturally, it depends on the amount of material they have, the music genre, type of concert, and so on. Sometimes, there is a break in the middle of the show where the band will play slower songs. Other times, it is an acoustic set, or they will simply play something less popular.

However, as soon as that part of the show is over, and we start reaching the end of the show, things become more exciting. The band will start playing their most popular songs, or the DJ will go through the wildest tunes in their repertoire.

Of course, this is the second craziest drop during the show. The first one is more memorable, and it is the exact moment when the music goes silent just before the artist comes to the stage. It is the moment everyone is waiting for, and it is incomparable to anything else.


The sense of community is incredible. Everyone is there with the same goal and idea, and you can meet so many incredible people. One of the essential parts of music festivals are hookups. Every single person in the crowd is high on adrenaline; they enjoy being there and living their lives to the fullest.

They just want to have fun. Since concerts can have thousands of attendees, there is a high chance that you will find someone who is perfect for you. That’s when the magic happens.

Of course, we’re not saying that you will find your future husband or wife at a music festival, but it is possible. We all miss those random encounters and hookups and can’t wait for them to happen again.

Ultimately, PLUR

Regardless of the type of music you listen to, there is one common rule that applies to every show on earth, or at least, it should apply. That rule is known as PLUR. The word stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. It is one of the key principles of the rave culture, but other genres could learn a lot from it too.

It shows that we are all in the same place as one. We should respect each other, and the love we share for the artist is the one we should share with each person in the crowd. Finally, peace is something we should never forget.

Following this simple yet effective idea, each music festival will be a thing to remember. For now, we can only relive our past experiences and hope for the best in the future for ourselves, our families, and every person in the world.

We just need to be a bit more patient, and things will hopefully go back to normal. We will continue going to music festivals and enjoy each of the things mentioned on this list.