How to Celebrate Gay Pride but practice safe sex at the same time?

Gay pride or LGBTQ pride is the notion that the people from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) group should be proud of their sexuality and gender identity. This concept aims in promoting equality, uniqueness and a sense of pride amongst the people belonging to this community. The practice of gay pride help also ensures that the gay, lesbian or transgender people should come out and not keep their sexuality a secret. Instead they should come out of their closet and mix well with the community. Pride here is an assertion of one’s self and the community as a whole. The word “pride” is used as an antonym to shame and social disgrace. The modern “pride” movement began on a larger scale after the “Stonewall riots” of 1969.

What happens in a Gay Pride Parade?

  • Huge numbers of people gather in the Gay pride parade to celebrate their existence and promote their dignity and equality. The celebration goes on for a month with numerous events on LGBTQ.
  • People come out wearing elaborate and extravagant costumes. They get decked up, and all set to be the center of attraction and keep marching with a band.
  • All the parades are unique. You would not find any two parades similar.
  • Characters like gay clowns, gay queens, and gay dancers can be seen. They dress up to represent gay people from every field.
  • Gay-friendly politicians, businessmen, friends and families of gay and lesbian people can also be seen during this time. They come up to support gay and lesbian people.
  • The church groups who support gay and lesbian people also become a part of the pride parade. They are seen singing hymns at the parade.
  • Along with supports, you will also find some protesters in the crowd. Protestors are those who think being gay and lesbian is a crime. Sometimes they even start a debate with the supports of gay and lesbian people.

Sex is also a part of the Gay Pride:

Along with all the above mentioned points, sex is also a major part of the Gay pride celebration. This celebration is mainly about celebrating their sexuality and the rally is to define sexual liberty. However, with a large scale celebration, the numbers of casual sex encounters have also increased leading to unsafe sex and health issues. Here are some of the precautions that one can practice to avoid unsafe sex during Gay pride.

  • Talking and spreading knowledge about sex: Talking openly about sex is still a taboo in our society. However, people forget that one can transfer knowledge and spread awareness about anything only if they talk and discuss without any hesitation. Hence it is advisable to start sex education, especially in schools. If the youths are educated about sex, then the sex-related issues may be diminished in the future. Many social organizations are striving to empower people by imparting proper knowledge about sex so that they are safe during sex. The family members should also be playing a vital role here. Apart from accepting their children as they are, they should also open up and speak to them about their sexuality, having safe sex, how to avoid unsafe sex or about the protections they should be taking during sex. In this way, every individual would be well informed and can be safe always and also at the time of Gay pride celebrations.
  • Proper knowledge and prevention from HIV: Studies have revealed that men who have sex with men (includes gay, bisexual and pansexual) have a high risk of HIV. The transgender men are also at high risk. Researchers say the risk levels are even further high among Black and Latino communities. This happens because the medical community is not knowledgeable enough about transgender sexual health and hence the individual do not get proper medical help.

There are strategies to prevent HIV are mentioned below:

1. Basic information: It is advisable to gather basic knowledge about sexual encounter, sexuality and complicated dynamics related to sex. One should very well understand their body and the sexual needs of their body. Alongside should also know keep themselves safe during sexual encounters.

2.Take HIV tests: There are organizations who conduct free HIV tests. These facilities should be availed especially by the youth, as they have less knowledge about HIV. Hence a test can tell them about their health.

3.Practice safe test: Usage of latex barriers like condoms, dental dams, and internal condoms should be encouraged during intercourse. They will help in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Prefer to choose sexual activities that have less risk. The young people ages of 15-24 are said to have high chances of getting affected to HIV.

4.Break the silence about HIV: HIV has always been a hush-hush affair. People who are affected feel so much embarrassed that they refrain from telling others and most of their life ends up without proper treatment. If more people talk about it and spread awareness, then many lives can be saved. People should be taught that if he/she is affected by sexually transmitted diseases (STD), doesn’t mean they are dirty or bad. They should be treated with proper care and medicines.

5.Talk to your partner and teach each other: It would wise to talk to your partner and discuss HIV and you both can together lessen the risk. Talk about the barriers which both of you would prefer to use to prevent transmission. Get the tests done together when you feel you should. All these would help both of you to practice safe sex intercourse and diminish the risk of HIV.

Know your sexual health and your body: The private body parts for LGBTQ people can be complicated and not very easy to understand. Therefore, the first step towards safe sex intercourse would be to know your body parts very well and talk about them with your partner.

1.The main goal of having sex is to feel good in our body parts. And the first step of this can be feeling good about the names that we use for the body parts. Ask your partner about how they want their body parts to be termed as or touch. When expectations are set right, you end up satisfying each other.

2.Talk about the gender roles that you are playing during sex intercourse. When sex takes place during same-sex couples, there is one amongst the two who feels sexually masculine and the other one feels sexually feminine. Talk to your partner about how you feel so that you act as per each other’s expectation during sexual intercourse.

3.Always keep it consensual: Take permission of your partner before any sexual touch or interaction begins. This gains respect and in turn your partner would also prefer taking consent before proceeding.

LGBTQ sex education: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth need and deserve sex education which is necessary for them to safe and healthy. Sex education should address important sexual health topics among LGBTQ groups. As their body is different and has different sexual needs, the content should be designed keeping their interest in mind.

There are several benefits of starting LGBTQ sex education in schools and colleges:

1.Everyone gets to know about the LGBTQ community. The people who belong to the community, as well as the ones who are not both, get to know about them. Hence, the people belonging to the community would face less amount of harassment in school, colleges or any social platform.

2.There are always this one or two youth people, who still not aware of the fact that they are from the LGBTQ community. The education would help them know about their sexual feelings; hence they can be very clear and sorted in their mind.

3.When people from the LGBTQ community get the support from everyone in the society, they would be stronger from within and shine bright. Well-Structured sex education can support positive sexual health outcomes among the youths.

4.Researchers have revealed that LGBTQ youth has very few trusted adults, they are comfortable talking with, about sexual health. As a result, they frequently seek information online. Most of the sexual health information on the web is either inaccurate or not age accurately and may be misleading sometimes. The sex education would stop them to search online; instead they can ask questions on the open forum and clear all their doubts.

Sex and Pride have always gone together. Hence, along with celebrating the pride, it is preferable to enjoy safe sex. Even when you go to the Pride parade celebrations, you should enjoy safe sex by carrying a condom or other latex barrier. Go with your partner and drink responsibly, so that you can carry yourself well and not end up doing unsafe sex for which you need to regret later.

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