What are the different advocacies that the LGBTQ community fights for?

LGBTQ is the short form of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. These words are used to define a person’s gender identity and sexuality. The proper description is given below:

  • Lesbian: A woman whose physical, romantic and emotional attraction is towards other women.
  • Gay: This term is used for people who get physically, romantically and emotionally attracted to the same sex.
  • Bisexual: A person who gets attracted to both the same sexes as well as the opposite sexes are termed as bisexual.
  • Transgender: When a person is born, they are distinguished as a boy or girl based on the genitals they are born with. However, some people who are born male may feel they are actually a female and some born female may feel themselves a male. Such people fall under the category of transgender.
  • Queer: The adjective used for the people whose sexual orientation is not heterosexual. It also means strange or unusual.

This community is formed by people belonging to the above mentioned cultures. Hence, they are united for their uniqueness and sexuality. They come together to fight for their rights and gain an equal platform in society. Some of the advocacies for which they are fighting for are mentioned below:

  • Discrimination at the workplace:There are laws and rights for safeguarding a woman at the workplace, however, there are no such laws which could help the people of the LGBTQ community to feel safe there. This is one very necessary piece for which they are fighting because one spends half of their day at the office and if he/ she feels insecure or left out, it would be difficult for them to concentrate on work.
  • Lack of neutral genderrestrooms: The restrooms are generally separated for genders, male and female. This has been a point of confusion for the transgender people. Hence the LGBTQ has raised their voice asking for neutral restrooms in public places. And the news is that some such restrooms have been made available at some locations to ensure equality.
  • Equality in housing prospect:Some studies have revealed that same-sex couples find it difficult to get house on rent as compared to the opposite-sex couples. They do not get positive treatment in the housing market.
  • Gain acceptance in the field of sports, education, entertainment, and business: There may be people from the LGBTQ community having proper knowledge and power to excel in the sports or education or entertainment, however, they are often deprived of the chances to prove their excellence. They are not even allowed to participate. This is very much disheartening for them. Hence, they do not find a path to overcome their fears and move ahead in life or get due success. The community is striving to get opportunities in such fields.
  • The community has high health risk:People from LGBTQ community have to go through insults and discrimination, hence to overcome the loneliness and depression in their life, they start using drugs, get addicted to alcohol and nicotine. All these lead to health issues. Hence, they are suggesting that proper education should be given in schools about different sexualities so that the upcoming generation can treat the people from the LGBTQ equally.
  • Selection in politics:The community is fighting to get equal opportunities to get selected in politics. Even in today’s world, they are not given a chance to stand for the selection. When they have the required education and knowledge, the Government should allow them to represent themselves and if the public wants them as leaders, they can lead the country.
  • Right to adoption:When a couple cannot have babies of their own, they go for adoption. An opposite-sex couple very easily is able to adopt babies from the adoption center, however, it is widely seen that same-sex couples or transgender are prohibited from the adoption. Here also, they are not given equal treatment and their potential as a parent is doubted. This, of course, should not be the case. People from this community should be given equal rights to be parents and who knows, they may prove to be the best!

  • Restrict Violence: Time and again surveys have proved that the members of the LGBTQ community have experienced more violence than the others. Be it in the lock-ups or prison. They are excessively ill-treated and have been punished more than required. Therefore, they are raising voice for equal punishments.
  • Equality of health care: The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association work to promote equality in healthcare for LGBTQ individuals. They see to it that they get proper health care as and when required and are not deprived of this basic need.
  • Lessen the number of homeless people: As a study done in 2012, it has been found that 40% of the homeless people are transgender. The reason being rejected by their family members. Their family members fail to accept them to save their reputation and these individuals become homeless. This happens generally to youth members and they are at high risk of facing mistreatment, violence, and exploitation from society. The LGBTQ community is working to spread awareness of their existence so that nobody is ashamed of them and no child is thrown away from their home.
  • Get equal opportunity for transgender in military service:The community wants that equal opportunity should be given to the transgender people in the military. Many of them have the accurate intelligence quotient required in the military, however are not allowed to appear for the exams. They should at least be allowed for the exams so that if they pass, they can serve their country.

The LGBTQ community wants to come out of their closet and be like one of us, however, the society restricts them to do so. Why? Just because they are different in sexuality? We should change our attitude and let them come forward. Let them live and breathe like we do, without any discrimination. We can do this only if we just change our mindset and think a little more positively.