Lesbian Sex Tips for First-Timers

If you want to have hot first-time lesbian sex, it’s okay to be nervous or even a little scared. You may not know how to approach it or communicate with your partner.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared this guide to make your first time comfortable and much more pleasurable. So take a look at our lesbian sex tips for first-timers below!

Use Your Intuition

We learn through intuition and experience most of the things we know about sex. However, it could be challenging to imagine your first-time lesbian experience.

Sex is still presented to us via imagery and information that emphasize male desire. You’ve probably even noticed that a large chunk of lesbian porn has straight men as the intended audience. While you can still learn some tricks from watching porn, remember that most of it isn’t realistic.

So how can you use your instincts if it’s your first time? The good news is, we are naturally inclined to follow our intuition during sex. While our tips can prepare you for sex with a woman and give you some meaningful insights, the only way to know what it feels like is to learn from experience.

Communication Is Key

Much of what happens during naughty bedroom adventures is spontaneous. However, you should always communicate beforehand. And while talking is essential, it doesn’t have to be complicated or awkward.

You don’t need to make a checklist or arrange a formal discussion outlining the entire act from start to finish.

Flirting or even dirty talk is an effective way for you and your partner to set the scene and relax. Simply establish what you’re comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to emphasize the things that you’re not into. Also, if you want to say “no” or change your mind, it’s completely understandable, and you shouldn’t hesitate. However, also remember to listen to your partner and respect their choices. That will build your trust and eventually lead to better and more enjoyable sex. You can also talk to some friends during LGBTQ pride or other events and get their opinion on their first-time experience.

Practice by Masturbating

The only way to truly practice is to experiment with solo sex. Masturbation can allow you to get familiar with your vagina and your whole body. It can also improve sexual confidence. Plus, you can try out all sorts of sensations on your erogenous zones without any pressure from another person.

Additionally, it’s a great way to learn about your clitoris, vulva, g-spot, orgasms, and more. You can even practice in front of a mirror to see what’s going on. That could prepare you for lesbian sex with a partner.

Think About What You Need

Before sex, definitely consider your fantasies. Think about what turns you on! During masturbation, you can learn which sensations feel the most pleasant to you. So play with your breasts, nipples, clitoris, vulva, or even try some anal play if you are into it.

If you learn about what makes you wet, you’ll have a significant advantage. You’ll know about the best sensations that can bring you to strong orgasms, and you will be able to try them on your partner.

While it’s true that many practices may not work for everyone, the sweet spots are usually found in the same areas. If you’re still nervous, you can try mutual masturbation with your partner. You might want to know the common female sexual fantasies.

Don’t Forget About Fingering

By now, you’ve probably realized that you’ll need to be patient and open to trial and error. It’s possible to learn about clitoral stimulation through solo sex. However, your partner’s clitoris may respond differently.

Women can orgasm from various types of pressure in the clitoral area. That includes direct pressure, slow rubbing of the hood and outer lips, or a combination of clitoral stimulation and fingering.

If you’ve never tried to finger yourself, you should definitely explore it. It will open up a whole new world of pleasure. Also, you should never forget about it during sex. If you decide that it’s not for you, your partner could still want you to get busy with your fingers.

The Good Ol’ Oral

For first-timers, eating someone out can be quite frightening. It’s actually the most difficult part of lesbian sex because it takes a while to master. But, it’s definitely worth it since it can end in some majestic and body-shaking orgasms.

If you’ve never performed it on a partner, take your time, and be gentle. Don’t worry if your partner wants you to dig in and nibble on their clit hard and fast.

Start with the outer labia and use up/down or circular movements on the clit. What’s more, if your partner wants you to speed up or use more pressure, they’ll let you know. If not, ask them about what feels the most pleasant during oral sex.

Sex Toys Are an Option

If you prefer the help of a toy or accessory, definitely use it. It can enable you to experience some incredibly unique and wild sensations. If you or your partner are into G-spot stimulation, a vibrator or a massager will make it much easier to reach that area and cause powerful orgasms. You can also try clitoral vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and anything else that arouses you.

However, for safe sex, you should always focus on consent. Some sexual partners may not be into penetration or toys. You shouldn’t assume that they will be turned on by the same stuff that feels good for you. Also, always remember to use condoms with toys. You can even use dental dams and latex gloves to minimize any risks of infection.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve said earlier, sex tips are a great way to prepare yourself. But, you’ll never truly know how lesbian sex feels until you try it. So follow our advice, relax, and have fun!

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