Sex machines – your ultimate toy for earth-shattering orgasms

Ever since the late 19th Century and the industrial revolution, the world hasn’t been the same. With almost daily inventions based on steam and electricity, the way human society works changed for good. Of course, such big leaps in technology could never shy away from sex and all sorts of kinks.

But what does the Victorian age have to do with sexual intercourse? Wasn’t that the time of strict societal rules, restricted sexual freedom, and extreme misogyny? Well, to some degree, that’s correct. But we can’t forget that the first actual mechanical sex toy appeared in the late 1800s!

Yeah, the king of adult toys — the vibrator — was born back in the good old steamy, Jack the Ripper creeping days. Mister Mortimer Granville, an English physician, is the famous inventor of the now famous sex toy. Of course, back then, the toy existed for medical purposes, relieving women of stress through clitoral stimulation.

Soon after Granville patented the device, bigger and lusher gadgets came to be. These larger machines started popping up around saunas in Europe and the US. Furthermore, women using sex machines started to slip into mainstream culture slowly. Early porn films, those you could see in dimly lit rooms full of old men wanking, soon started featuring ladies enjoying a good machine.

How Powerful Are Sex Machines?

To be frank, these devices can drill the fudge out of you. But it mostly depends on their size and the motor model. Machines come in all sorts of designs and sizes, which implies that not all of them can offer the same results. From annihilators to drilldos, they all pack some serious punches.

Some are hand-held and meant for a more discreet purpose, while others look like medieval torture contraptions that’ll pummel right through you. There’s a wide range of adult sex toys, and as such, sex machines for sale offer different stimulation levels. It’s a pretty variety-filled industry, so there’re products for everyone willing to try them. 

An automatic sex machine can deal some serious damage. Hence, it’s essential to know your limits and how to use the toy safely. Contacting the customer service is always recommended if, by any chance, you’re not sure how to operate a fuck machine properly. But we’ll talk a bit more about that later.

Why Use Sex Machines?

Whether you’re into sex machines for men or women, they offer something different from actual intercourse with a living person. Of course, it’s a legitimate question: “Why choose something artificial when you can have sex with people?” But that’s the whole point. Some people are either solo or can’t get satisfaction from your regular person to person action.

In case you are alone, in dire need of sex, you’ll opt for a sex product to help you out during those long and lonesome nights. And that’s completely legit. You go for a dildo, a vibrator, or something else.

But what when those gadgets become boring? Do you go get another one? Well, we don’t think so.

Getting a sex love machine, the whole damn thing, is something else. Firstly, the impact and power can’t compare to your tiny hand-held toys — it’s a full-blown fucking machine. Yes, it might seem too much to some, but others love it. It’s a kinky dream most people only wish for.

Of course, it’s not just for solo players. Some fetish-driven couples own machine sex toys also. It’s a great companion to your BDSM kink, the two of you cherish so much. Just imagine your lover controlling it over your tied up and helpless body.

How Different Is a Sex Machine From Regular Sex and Toys?

We’d be lying if we said it’s the same as the best sex you’ve ever had. No, it’s quite different from fucking a lifeless sex doll or another human being. But that’s the whole point here. It’s a machine, and machines are something else entirely.

Firstly, it requires you to know how much you can handle. These lads pack a punch, as we’ve said. So don’t go into it thinking you can cope with all the power they bring along.

Also, it might seem somewhat sterile. And yes, we know that. It’s a Transformers dick, not another living and breathing human being.

The whole atmosphere is unique. It’s like some sci-fi fantasy you’ve always wanted to try out. Just imagine some Terminator-style Skynet stuff, fucking your brains out without any mercy. It works well for some kinky role-playing sex, with you strapped while the overpowering machine works its way on you.

Of course, it’s not only meant for loners — it works great for couples as well. Particularly for BDSM ones. The dominant partner controls the contraption, while the sub is lying helplessly. And if you incorporate some other DS accessories, you’ll get that full bondage experience.

Safety Precautions

Just like we’ve promised, it’s time to talk about safety. Yes, we know — you’d rather listen about how awesome the sex machines are, but what’s great about it if you don’t use it properly? We hate to be that boring person who always points out the negatives, but we’re dealing with some serious stuff here.

Every great sex toy is rooted in the safe use and quality it offers. There’s no denying that it’s the first thing anyone should look for when looking to get an adult toy, besides checking if it’s made from body-safe materials and how it actually works. 

It’s important to know how much you can take. Therefore, taking your sessions step by step to more extreme scenarios is the only way to go. Just like trying anal, you’ll need to work your body’s fitness up.

Lovegasm has an arsenal of adult toys that includes sex machines, so make sure to visit them after reading this article.

Also, choosing the right dildo to stick onto the machine is as important as anything else. It’s a bad idea to get carried by the size of the device and to link it to an extreme dildo that you couldn’t handle anyway. So be cautious with what you’re doing with the machine, it’s not your regular dildo you carry in a purse.