Sex machines – your ultimate toy for earth-shattering orgasms

How hot is it to have someone filling you with constant thrusts as long as you fancy? And that too without getting tired? Well, just too hot, right? You bet. This is where you have sex machines for you. You will mostly find them with a dildo topping an arm and rod which is linked to a powerful motor. As you power up the motor, the dildo will glide and thrust onto you to fill you with invigorating stimulation.

Why do you need sex machines?

You don’t always have your partner with you every time you feel the urge for a thrust. What if you are single? What if your partner is out on a tour? What if he is plain exhausted after a long tiring day? Sex machines come handy in such situations.

These machines are strategically designed with realistic dildos that can make you feel like having a real penis inside you. Besides, as the modern ones run on motor, you can enjoy a hands-free stimulation whenever you wish. This is one point that keeps a sex machine ahead of dildos. With dildos, you would always need somebody to hold it for you unless it’s a suction cup dildo. But a sex machine enables you to enjoy complete hands-free thrusts so that you can use your hands for other more interesting stuff- like touching your boobs or massaging your clit and so on.

Added to dildos, some sex machines even come with vibrators and masturbation sleeves (especially for stroking) for enhanced pleasure. lovegasm has an arsenal of adult toys that includes sex machines, so make sure to visit them after reading this article.

Now, this is to stress here, in no way a sex machine means to replace your partner. Your partner is a human with emotions and no machine can replace him. A sex machine is just to satiate your sudden physical cravings when you don’t have your partner available for you. This is purely a physical thing and not an emotional thing. If your partner develops any sort of misunderstanding about you buying a sex machine despite a long-standing commitment between you two- please do explain to him these nuances.

Pro tips to buy a sex machine

Are you aspiring to get a sex machine for yourself? Well, when it comes to something that can promise you those earth-shattering orgasms, sex machines win hands down. But there are certain things to keep in mind while you invest in a sex machine.

Consult with your partner

Sex machines or any sex toy for that matter, could leave an emotional impact on the other partner. Those who are not used to playing with sex toys could mistake them as props to compensate for sexual inadequacies. But, it’s not the case in reality. Sex machines and sex toys are mostly meant to double up the fun in your bedroom. So, if your partner is new to the world of sex machines please explain to him that it’s only meant to add some more zing to your love life.

Also, sex machines are fairly expensive. There is no point in investing your hard-earned money into it only to leave it as another unused object in your home. Discuss with your partner about the usage and amazing benefits of using sex machines. It will help him to understand the significance of having a one in the relationship. The bottomline is, your investment in a sex machine should be mutually consensual.

Mind your budget

Sex machines may range from $100 to $1,000 or even more. But, remember these machines are something that will be going inside the most delicate parts of your body. So, you really can’t risk with the quality of machines here. Needless to mention, the ones that start at $1,00 can’t promise much of quality and safety. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to shell out a small fortune to get a quality sex machine. Just focus on a reasonably priced one that can assure you a handy blend of quality, function and affordability.

Check the attachments

Sex machines have come a long a way from manual machines to highly powerful motorized options with a bunch of additional accessories. From dildos to masturbation sleeves, you will get various associated accessories with sex machines today. However, some machines only allow the use of its attached accessories and are not compatible with accessories from other brands. It’s better to avoid such machines as they limit your customizability. Try to look for a versatile machine which is compatible with accessories from other brands as well.

Noiseless operation

You certainly don’t want to wake up all your neighbors in the next flat with a constant mechanical thumping sound every time you sit on your sex machine. Thus, look for a machine that can promise you whisper-quiet operation.

Remote-control sex machine

Do you wish to rest the control of thrust and vibe of the sex machine on your partner some times? Well, in that case, try to go for remote-controlled sex machines.  It would be great especially when you are in a long distance relationship. A remote-controlled machine will assure him that now he can stimulate you and make you happy even he is miles apart physically.

Get a trial

It’s better to get your sex machine from a local store where you can inspect the machine physically. However, if you want things to be confidential, there are plenty of online stores to check out. But, make sure to check reviews and ratings before you invest in a one. And you should always get atrial of the machine to check its usability and compatibility quotient. If you are buying from a physical store, you can have the trial at the store only. But, if you are buying online, make sure your chosen store allows an easy return and refund policy on your dissatisfaction with the product.

Wrapping up

Always use plenty of lubes while carrying any activity on the sex machine. Make sure the lube you use is compatible with the material of dildo used in the toy. Last but not the least, you should thoroughly clean and disinfect the machine before and after every use.

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